Agenda 360

A Regional Action Plan

Agenda 360 is the regional action plan designed to transform Cincinnati into a leading metropolitan region for talent, jobs and economic opportunity for all who call the region home by the year 2020.


  • Keep talented workers in the region and attraction new ones
  • Grow new jobs and retain existing jobs
  • Provide economic opportunity and a good quality of life for everyone who calls the region home


Quality Place: Create strong, attractive and functional places in which to live, work and play

Government Collaboration: Help the region's many cities, counties and townships work together toward our common goals

Business Growth: Use our strengths as a region to retain, attract and create businesses and jobs

Inclusion: Create a welcoming community in which all people are embraced and their differences a foundation for the community's successes

Qualified Workforce: Provide our and our labor force with the skills necessary to get good jobs now and in the future

Transportation: Expand our options for moving people and freight across the region


Talent: 150,000 additional 20–34 year olds in the region’s workforce. This group will be the corporate and civic leaders of tomorrow and drive creativity and innovation in our region.

Jobs: 200,000 net new jobs in the region. This aggressive goal is essential for progress and will require an annual growth rate of 2 percent or above through 2020.

Economic Opportunity: Gainful employment for 90 percent of our labor force by 2020, ensuring that all in our region enjoy the benefits of stronger economy.

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