Building Cultural Competence Program

Building Cultural Competence:
A Program for Leaders

2017 Pilot Program


  • Are you leveraging the differences in your workforce to competitive advantage?
  • Are you prepared for the nation’s shift to a multicultural majority?
  • Is your business evolving to serve customers from new cultures and identities?
  • Do you feel prepared to address conflicts that arise from an increasing lack of civility in our society?  

If you answered “no” to any of the first four questions, read on.

  • Do you have strong “circles of influence” in your work or community?
  • Are you a leader who others look to for direction and guidance?
  • Are you open to learning that takes you outside your comfort zone to achieve new insights?

We invite you to apply for the inaugural program of “Building Cultural Competence: A Program for Leaders.” 

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is pleased to introduce this new program. The time is right. Our changing workforce and expanding markets demand higher levels of cultural competence—the ability to shift cultural perspective and adapt behavior and communication style to successfully accomplish business results. We will also grow skills for building bridges across the cultural, political, and social divides in our region and our country.

Participants in the first class will not only increase their personal cultural competence, but they will have the opportunity to help the Chamber shape future program offerings. 


  • Enhancing understanding of one’s own worldview and cultural identity, including implicit and unconscious biases.
  • Increasing knowledge of differences viewed through race, ethnicity, gender and other components of identity that are part of the cultural landscape of Cincinnati.  
  • Equipping participants with tools for communication and behavior that bridge differences at both the personal and organizational level.
  • Creating an ongoing, cross-cultural dialogue that examines and seeks to understand the current state of inclusion in our community.
  • Measuring the cultural competence of the participants and charting improvements over time.
  • Fostering a network of individuals, companies, and groups who serve as champions of change in our communities and our workplaces.

Community Objective: The Cincinnati region will be welcoming to all (newcomers and natives), promote integration and celebrate differences as key to sustaining an inclusive community and a growing economy.

Session Topics

  • The business case for cultural competence
  • The neuroscience of bias and how to mitigate bias in the workplace and community
  • The role of emotional intelligence in bridging cultural differences; building rapport across cultures
  • Listening and learning in the presence of conflict
  • Adapting communication for unfamiliar or tough situations
  • The role of leaders in raising cultural competence of employees, constituents, stakeholders and more. 

The program will culminate with individual action plans based on insights and learning from the content and the discussions.

2017 Key Dates

Five Sessions from 4-8 p.m. – May 9, May 23, June 8, and June 21
One session from 5-7 p.m. – July 13

Sessions are designed and facilitated by nationally recognized diversity and inclusion experts and will include the perspectives of a wide range of local leaders. Each participant will have the opportunity to take the IDI®, the premier cross-cultural assessment for building cultural competence and each participant will receive a one-on-one coaching session.

Participants & Cost

The program is open to business, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors. The maximum number of participants is 30. The inaugural program tuition is $500 and includes the assessment and individual coaching session (valued at $250) as well as all materials, meals and related program costs. 

How to Apply

The program will be prototyped in 2017, with the first session scheduled for May 9. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until April 14, though we anticipate that the program may fill sooner. 

Apply now >>

Individuals and organizations interested in more information about the program should contact Mary Stagaman at (513.579.3129).  

The Chamber is grateful for the support of Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors and The Health Collaborative, organizations which have participated in the development of the program and provided startup funding.

Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors       Health Collaborative

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