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The CEO Roundtable brings CEOs and presidents of regional companies together for a confidential and invigorating exchange of information, ideas and insights.

Each Roundtable consists of 10 to 12 members of noncompetitive companies representing various types of industries and organizations, including not-for-profits. Through monthly meetings, members enjoy candid, confidential discussions and receive advice and support from fellow CEOs who understand and share the unique challenges of top-level management.

CEO Roundtable participation provides:

  • An informal, trusted board of advisors
  • Discussions focused on CEO-level issues
  • Diverse perspectives creating visionary solutions and ideas
  • Resourceful and engaged peer leadership
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Opportunities for retreats, golf outings and other activities
  • CEO-only events, tours, outings and other roundtable activities

When will I meet with my Roundtable? 
In order to capture the power of the CEO Roundtable program, it is imperative that CEOs join a Roundtable that best meets their needs and expectations. Individuals are placed based upon the current composition of existing Roundtables, the membership needs of current members, the expectations of those seeking to join and the desire to sustain a noncompetitive environment. While this process may take some time (usually 30 to 60 days), it is well worth it in order to maintain strong, viable and highly effective Roundtable groups.

In addition, there is the opportunity to become a founding member of a brand new Roundtable. New Roundtables are created by the Chamber throughout the year based upon the compatibility and interest of prospective members.

The minimum cost of joining a Roundtable is $300 per participant per year and includes Chamber administration fees as well as additional Roundtable meeting expenses i.e. meals, materials, speaker fees, etc. Some Roundtables elect to charge participants a higher fee based upon program plans.

How do I join?
Submit a completed CEO Roundtable application.
CEO Roundtable Application

Need more information?
Contact Amy Thompson at 513.579.3141 or

A word from our CEO Roundtable Chair
David Veile CEO Roundtable Chairman 174x118“Just as steel sharpens steel, CEOs in CEO Roundtables make each other stronger. Each group offers a safe place for leaders to work through challenges and share successes. If you're the top level decision maker for your business, and are ready to think/follow through on critical business decisions... the CEO Roundtable has been the right fit for leaders like you for over 30 years.”  

David Velie | CEO Roundtable Chair | Managing Partner | AMEND Consulting LLC


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