Voter Registration

Every Vote Counts

While many other countries do not allow such rights, voting is both a right and a responsibility for American citizens. Yet, nearly 50 percent of voting age Americans are not registered to vote.  Be proud of your rights as an American. Please register to vote or obtain your absentee ballot today! Then learn about the issues and the candidates and exercise your right to vote.


You can register by mail or in-person.  Registration forms not mailed in must be received by a board of elections, the Secretary of State's office, office of any Bureau of Motor Vehicles or designated agencies 30 days before an election to be valid for that election. Any registered voter may now vote absentee without stating a reason.

For more information, visit The Ohio Secretary of State.


Voter registration deadlines are 28 days prior to election.

For more information, visit The Kentucky Secretary of State.


Voter registration and absentee deadlines are 29 days prior to the primary elections.

For more information, visit The Indiana Secretary of State Elections Division.

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