Bramkamp Printing's Story

“The Chamber allows you to have a voice.”
- Kevin Murray, co-owner, Bramkamp Printing

Bramkamp Printing's Story

Murray, KevinFor over 85 years, Bramkamp Printing has established a reputation as a superior resource for offset printing, foil stamping, embossing, and die cutting in the Midwest.

Founded by William Bramkamp in 1921, the company quickly established itself as an industry leader when they installed one of the first Heidelberg presses in Cincinnati, the Heidelberg Platen. With time came new printing techniques and the company added foil stamping, embossing and die cutting to its repertoire.

Today, the company is led by partners Kevin Murray and Larry Kuhlman. Together they have made a commitment to the company's long-term growth and expansion of services.

Why the Chamber?

Kevin Murray, co-owner of Bramkamp Printing, started at the Chamber by attending a CEO Roundtable. “I was looking for support and information about other small businesses. We joined the Chamber to help us develop our business.”

Murray’s first CEO Roundtable featured John Kerry, Ellen van der Horst and Mayor Mark Mallory. “During the luncheon I was able to express my values on small business. For me, a small business owner, I felt like I had a voice. Small businesses are the heart of the City of Cincinnati.”

From the CEO Roundtable, Murray was invited to attend the Ohio Small Business Council in Columbus. These meetings provide access to representatives from the governor’s office that have a lot of power in the state. “The Chamber allows you to have a voice and more direct contact with these people that you may not have otherwise.”

According to Murray, “If you utilize what the Chamber has to offer, it is definitely worth becoming a member. They give a voice to small businesses which is invaluable and well worth the annual dues.”

The Results

Last year, mandatory sick leave for businesses with 50 people or less was initiated. Small businesses, like Bramkamp with only 30 staff members, are affected immensely when their employees are sick for 1 or 2 days.

Murray immediately contacted the Chamber and asked for their support. The Chamber responded by working with business leaders, opposition coalitions and other chambers across the state. These combined efforts put a stop to legislation on the program. “They have our back. If you call them, they will have people that will work with you. Paying dues is a small price to know that there are other businesses and people at the Chamber that are there to help. Your dues at work…”

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