Multi-Craft's Story

“So often you can be a member of something and not take advantage of what the group has to offer.”
- Debbie Simpson, president and CEO, Multi-Craft

Multi-Craft’s Story

Simpson, DebbieMost people can’t fathom spending nearly 40 years at the same company. But, for Multi-Craft CEO and President Debbie Simpson, every day at work is like going home.  Perhaps that’s because the company was originally started by her father in her family’s basement in 1955.

Multi-Craft has since far outgrown the basement where it was established, but the company has certainly not outgrown the Gibbs family or the commitment to customer service upon which it was based. Under the direction of Simpson, her brother, Thomas Gibbs, and sister, Pamela Gibbs, Multi-Craft has grown into a comprehensive marketing communications company providing a full-range of services like offset and digital printing, strategic marketing design and Web development, mailing and fulfillment, and inventory management.

All three owners will tell you that’s why their business is different. Each is active and engaged with clients in their own way everyday. The goal is high client retention and they do whatever they can to ensure client needs are met.

“We track. We measure. We always want to do better,” says Simpson.

Why the Chamber?

For Simpson, the Chamber was a place where she could connect with her fellow business leaders and make contacts to further her business. But, as with any membership organization, Simpson knew the first step to getting the most out of Multi-Craft’s Chamber membership would be to get involved.

“So often you can be a member of something and not take advantage of what the group has to offer because you are not aware,” said Simpson. “If you are not participating in the programs and networking events, if you are not volunteering to help make something better, then you are missing out on the opportunities to meet the people and get the benefits of your membership.”

Among the hundreds of programs and events offered through the Chamber, Simpson was especially drawn to the Women Excel (WE) suite of programs. “As a woman business owner, the WE program speaks volumes about how responsive the Chamber is to what is going on in the business community.”

The Results

When asked how Chamber membership has benefited her company, Simpson is quick to answer. “It has literally been the people that I have met – the other local professionals that have become friends and customers.”

In addition, Simpson was awarded the 2006 Woman of the Year – Entrepreneur WE Celebrate Award.

“The exposure and PR that came about as a result of this award really increased the awareness of Multi-Craft among the local business community. That exposure coupled with the opportunity to meet other business women who I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet in any other venue. Maybe it was the difference in one of my prospects taking my call. You just don’t know where things are going to lead.”

“To put it simply, you have to meet people in order to do business.”

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