MBA Accelerator Emeritus Firms

The MBA improves the capacity, revenue, job growth and performance levels of local minority-owned companies. Firms that work with the MBA experience twice the growth rate of firms not actively engaged with MBA.

Accelerator Emeritus status was created to recognize those minority firms who’ve made their operations, management and financial strength best in class and heralds those firms who’ve achieved sustainable, successful business performance and community commitment.

Job creators. Role Models. Investors. Mentors. The following organizations join the ranks of Accelerator Emeritus for their growth, board commitments and community stewardship to our region’s social services, youth arts and economic justice organizations:

 Steve Hightower

Stephen "Steve" Hightower,
President & CEO

 Hightowers Petroleum Co.

 Hightower quote 11

  • Founded 1984
  • Admitted to MBA 2003
  • Middletown; NewYork City; Lagos (Nigeria), Cape Town (South Africa); Burlington (Ontario) locations
  • Grown employment from 6 to 38 since MBA admission
  • $339 million revenue in 2014
  • 3,290% revenue increase since MBA admission 

 Fox pic

David Foxx, CEO

d.e Foxx & Associates, Inc.
Foxx & Company CPAs, Foxx Construction, XLC Services

Foxx quote1
  • Founded 1983
  • Admitted to MBA 2004
  • Based in Cincinnati, with multiple locations across the USA
  • Grown employment from 1,000 to more than 1,500 since MBA admission
  • 660% revenue increase since MBA admission

 Carl pic

Carl Satterwhite, President

RCF Group

RCF quote 1

  • Founded 2003
  • Admitted to MBA 2004
  • West Chester; Cleveland locations
  • Grown employment from 2 to 86 since MBA admission
  • $64 million revenue in 2014
  • 498% revenue increase since admission to MBA

 Gravely pic

 Mel Gravely, President & CEO

Triversity Construction

Triversity quote1

  • Founded 2005
  • Admitted MBA 2006
  • Cincinnati; Indianapolis locations
  • Grown employment from 7 to 70 since MBA admission
  • $64 million revenue in 2014
  • Average 20% annual revenue growth since MBA admission

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