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Is your company or organization planning a program or an event and you don’t have the resources to provide marketing, registration, or onsite support? The Chamber has opened up the popular Chamber Events Calendar for public event posting. Your events will enjoy great visibility and credibility by being posted on the Chamber's website calendar in the Local Events category. In addition to individual postings, we offer membership packages that include credits. For more information, please call the Customer Focus Center at 513.579.3111.

How much does event posting cost?
Postings cost $25 for members, $40 each for non-members.

How do I post an event?
Event posting is self-service. You must have a login account on the Chamber's web site, and purchase Calendar Posting Credits. Discounts apply if your company is a Chamber member. If your company is a gold member, you receive a limited number of local event postings on the Chamber’s Local Events calendar at no cost.

  1. Log into the Chamber website - click the login button, which is located in the top right-hand corner of all pages on the Chamber site. Log in by entering your user name and password. If you have done business with the Chamber but don't have your password, you will be prompted to search for your account by email and retrieve it. Or if you are a new customer, create a new account.
  2. Go to your personal My Chamber Account page. You must be logged-in to view this page.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of this page to the Downloads section and click on Local Calendar Posting. Here you can view your available event posting credits and when you are ready to post, click on Create a New Local Calendar Posting!
  4. The website will alert you if you need to purchase posting credits. Follow the link and instructions to purchase credits. You may purchase and store extra credits in your website account for future use.
  5. Read the disclaimer and click Continue.
  6. Enter your event details in the fields provided. You can link the event title to your own registration page, or create an event details page on the Chamber site. Images can be embedded in your posting, but they must already be on the Internet, on another web site or image hosting site. The Chamber does not currently offer image uploading.
  7. When you are finished editing, click Save Calendar Posting. Information will be saved, and you will be redirected back to your Main Calendar Posting Page.
  8. To view your postings, click on Events Calendar in the white box on the right side column of most Chamber website pages. Make sure the Chamber & Local box is checked at the top your screen and your event will appear on the calendar in date order!

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