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April 25, 2017

Roundtables: Proximity is power

Who you surround yourself with and who you confide in is an integral component of how successful you and your business can be.

Join us on May 25 to hear how our panelist of business leaders grew their organizations through the strength of building their support teams and how they used relationships to create their successes. Whether it be through internal processes or external groups, such as advisory or roundtable groups, all leaders need council to expand their thinking and determine what outside the box opportunities can affect their business.

After our robust panel discussion, The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber will unveil our redesigned and refocused Roundtable Program. We’ll review several new roundtables, added benefits for members, and ways the Roundtable program will continue to grow and be of value to members. Along with a group of Roundtable participants and executives from AMEND Consulting, the Chamber has worked to evaluate and refresh the Roundtable Program to better meet your needs. We’re excited to share our progress and plans for this important program.

Thursday, May 25, 2017
8 - 9:30 A.M.
Sharonville Convention Center
Members $90, Nonmember $120, Gold Member $0
This event is exclusively for those in C-Suite and executive positions
Space is limited - register today!
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Roundtable programs small Discover the power of the Roundtable: The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber's Roundtables Program bring leaders of regional companies together for a confidential and invigorating exchange of information, ideas and insights. Participants come from various organizations and industries and provide an invaluable opportunity to receive advice and support from fellow CEOs/CFOs/CMOs/Sales Executive/Manufacturing Executive who understand and share the unique challenges of top-level management. More about Roundtables.

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