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April 19, 2016

Everyone benefits from HumanaVitality®

humanabubbleAre you a current participant in ChamberHealth? If not now’s a great time to take a look at our program which provides members with a 1.4% savings off Humana rates along with the opportunity to earn an additional 10% savings through the HumanaVitality wellness and engagement program. Not only can you save money up front, you can also increase the health and productivity of your employees.

HumanaVitality recently concluded a three year study of how the program affected the productivity, as well as the healthcare usage and claims, of more than 8,000 Humana employees. The study results showed that employees who were more engaged (Silver Status or above) with HumanaVitality had fewer unscheduled absences, lower overall health claims costs and fewer visits to the hospital and emergency room.

Several data points that were reveled from the study:

  • Lower health claims costs: Engaged members costs declined 10.1% over three years compared to those unengaged members whose costs increased by 17%.
  • Less absenteeism: Unengaged members averaged 23 hours of unscheduled absences per year over the course of three years. Engaged members, on average, had six fewer hours of unscheduled absences.
  • Improvement of “lifestyle chronic conditions”: The percentage of engaged members that moved from a chronic condition rang to a low-risk risk range increased by 24.4% versus unengaged members that only increased by 14%.
  • Less emergency healthcare consumption: Unengaged members had 56% more emergency room visits than engaged members. They also had 37% more hospital visits.

Get more about ChamberHeatlh and HumanaVitality, or to get a free no-obligation premium quote, call the Chamber at 513.579.3111 for more information.

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