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    April 22, 2014

    Adam Singer, REDI return from India

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    Singer, Adam, 2014Written by Adam Singer - BioHealth Cluster Director and India Attraction Strategy for REDI Cincinnati

    Our trip to India ended just a few days ago, but the ground work that was put into place years ago is what really led to the incredible success of this trip. India is a country that is a third of the size of the U.S., but has four times the population. There are so many companies there in so many industries that it can be overwhelming as to where to start. Fortunately, over the past several years, we have had the advantage of building a continued relationship with many companies there. Some may not have been ready to make the leap to the U.S. a few years ago, but our ongoing dialogue and continued presence there each year has built a bridge of trust that spans half way around the world. Each time we visit, those companies that may not have been ready before are now ready and coming to us for guidance because of this existing relationship.

    About this trip:

    The India trip was part of an ongoing effort to meet with companies that have a strong interest in and the potential to establish new operations in Cincinnati USA. Such investments could lead directly to new job creation and typically would include office facilities, data centers, regional headquarters, engineering and service centers, distribution and logistics facilities, or manufacturing plants.

    We started our visit in Mumbai where we met with several prospect companies to talk about the Cincinnati USA region. These companies in Mumbai ranged from Biotech/Pharma, Advanced Manufacturing and IT. Additionally, we met with the Export Bank of India because in addition to meeting with great to meet with companies, we also wanted to help get our region’s name out to entities who are helping companies that we may not have been able to meet with.

    After Mumbai we flew to Bangalore to continue our meetings and to attend the InTech50 conference . This is where the companies truly got to see what great collaboration is possible in our region. At InTech50 there were multiple CIOs from Cincinnati-based companies to talk and collaborate with start-up IT companies in India. It was incredible exposure for our region and showed that a start-up can thrive in the Cincinnati region. The collaboration between the CIO’s, venture capital companies, and REDI Cincinnati was a strong statement for our region.

    Between these two great cities we met with over 20 companies, attended a fantastic conference and also did a couple of very important retention calls with some wonderful companies that are already here.  With several companies already wanting to schedule visits to see this great region we look forward to helping them call Cincinnati USA their North American Home.  To see some of the things people were saying about Intech50 and our trip to India, check out our India Storify.

    To get the REDI Cincinnati on their travels, follow us on Twitter at @GrowCincyUSA. 

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