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    April 23, 2013

    Get the scoop on marketing in a digital world: Q&A with Beth Robeson

    Robeson, Beth smBeth Robeson is co-founder of Robeson Marketing & Design and Director of Marketing Strategy at Graphic Village - from a background in economics, business, market research and motivational psychology, Beth has emerged as an expert on developing effective marketing campaigns, launching new brands, and exploring the latest business growth opportunities.

    Read about her secret to success in this Q&A:

    Chamber: Does the digital marketing world present more challenges or opportunities for businesses?

    Beth: Digital Marketing presents all kinds of opportunities for companies... building stronger customer relationships, connecting with a greater number of potential customers, automating elements of your marketing communications, better tracking and serving customers more effectively.  So when a client tells me they don't have the time or money to invest in digital solutions, I tell's like saying, "I don't have time to learn how to drive a car because I'm too busy walking to work every day!

    These new solutions are great tools that will help them be more effective, more profitable and save them time and money.

    Chamber: What would you say are the biggest challenges companies face in adopting these new technologies?

    Beth: I would say the biggest challenge for companies is finding the right solutions and understanding the capabilities of the solutions they have purchased. I've seen companies over and over again spend thousands of dollars on a solution or a provider and only wind up getting 1/2 to 1/3 of the value, because no one on their team really knows how to use the new tools effectively. I've also seen companies purchase a new solution when they already have those capabilities in a product they purchased several years before. They just didn't realize the capabilities of what they had already purchased.

    You have to adopt new technologies very purposely and be prepared, after the purchase, to spend considerable staff time getting to know the new tools and learning to use them to their full potential.  The good news is, it's an investment that will offer you significant ROI. If you go back to the car analogy...if you buy your employees a car so they can get to work in 15 minutes, instead of 4 hours, that's a great investment, but only if they know how to drive and have a road to drive on.

    Chamber: What are the most important trends in Digital Marketing right now?

    Beth: There are so many exciting new trends that it's really hard to pick just two or three, but just to give you a sample...

    1. Visual Media Marketing: Visual media is really taking off right now, in fact we have a local author Krista Neher with a new book out called Visual Social Media Marketing that I recommend. Unlike even 5 years ago, customers are expecting a nicer communication experience. They want beautiful pictures, easy-to-browse websites and short, interesting and informative video. Companies using visual media well will be pulling out in front of the pack because that's what customers want. They aren't just looking for information any more, they want great online experiences.

    2. Mobile: Mobile will also be a valuable tool for business. People are constantly on the go and if they pull up your website on their phone and they can't read it because you haven't optimized it for a mobile device they're going to look someplace else. Most companies should also be thinking about ways they can offer what they do, their service or product, as an app because the whole way people experience products and services is changing. Just take a look at some of the exciting new start-ups out there...Belly, Pingage, or Big Roundtable, to get a sense of how business and consumer relationships are changing.

    3. Gaming: Especially in the customer loyalty world, Gaming is really taking off. It's not enough to just reward your customers for purchasing with points or frequent flyer miles. Gaming offers all kinds of new ways to engage your customers. If this is something that would be a good fit for your company, Gabe Zichermann has written several books on the topic that would give you a good foundation for getting started...Game-Based Marketing, Gamification by Design and The Gamification Revolution.

    To learn even more from Beth about the opportunities digital marketing affords businesses, register for her education session tomorrow from 9 - 11 a.m.: "Customer Loyalty in a Digital World"

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    You'll learn why customer loyalty should be your number one marketing strategy, key strategies for integrating digital, social and traditional media to retain customers, and why brand advocates are more important than you think.

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