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    April 05, 2016

    City Council considering ordinances on minimum wage, prevailing wage

    Cincinnati City Hall 140x138Last week, Mayor John Cranley introduced three ordinances that would create a new prevailing wage requirement for development agreements, increase minimum wage standards, and strengthen regulations on crane operators. The complete set of ordinances can be found here under the 'Resources' section of our website and below is a brief summary on the key points contained within:

    Prevailing Wage

    • Prevailing wage applies to development agreements with the city over $5 million and have City benefits of at least $3 million, not including tax abatements.
    • The Banks and all other existing projects are excluded from being subject to the new prevailing wage law.
    Minimum Wage
    • Increases the minimum wage for City employees and private contract employees to $15 and increases the minimum wage for part-time and seasonal employees to $10.10. 
    • Ties the increased minimum wage for City employees to increase with CPI beginning on April 30, 2017 and every year thereafter on April 30.
    Crane Regulations
    • Requires cranes (non-exempt equipment regulated by OSHA per 29 CFR Part 1926, Subpart CC) to be licensed and regulated.

    The Chamber is analyzing the proposed legislation very closely to determine the impact this could have on our members and the continued economic growth of this region, and we are asking for your input. Please consider sending your feedback to on how you believe this could impact your business specifically and the region as whole. Additionally, we are here to help and be a resource for you should have you any questions about this policy.

    We anticipate that this set of issues will be debated over the next few weeks and could move quickly. The Chamber’s City Hall Day is on April 20th and we invite you to join us for meetings with Mayor Cranley and City Council members to discuss these issues and other issues important to City Council members and your business. To register, please see the link provided below.

    City Hall Day
    Wednesday, April 20
    9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.*

    *Time subject to change as the agenda develops.

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