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    April 09, 2013

    Wentstrup addresses issues at Chamber’s Freshman Forum

    Wenstrup, Brad, Freshman Forum
    While the time he has spent in the Capitol Building might be short, freshman Congressman Brad Wenstrup's agenda has already grown long. Wenstrup, a Republican, represents Ohio's 2nd District. Like so many of his Congressional colleagues, he is having to answer tough questions from his constituents these days. Last Thursday morning, he spoke to members of the Chamber at our offices. Speaking for nearly an hour, he also took questions from members, and sat down with Currents for additional questions. Here's a closer look at some of his responses:

    Wenstrup, Brad 2On the Affordable Healthcare Act: "It's impacting your business decisions. Do you want it impacting your business decisions?" Do you want to be 50 employees or less? Do you pay the fine? We are growing a program that has the worst results."

    On unemployment: "We need to have incentives to have people get off these programs. There is no greater social reform than going home and knowing you are taking care of your family."

    On the Brent Spence Bridge:" I'm encouraged by what I see so far in the business community in the area. It really is more than just these two states (Ohio and Kentucky)."

    On immigration reform: "I want immigration, I want people to come here to be Americans. I want the top flag on the flagpole to be an American flag."

    On uncertainty in D.C.: "It's very real; it's very real for every American. I took my uncertainty and ran for office."

    On deciding to run for Congress: "I thought why not me?"

    On his initial impressions of Congress: "Sometimes this place, it feels like a rat race, other times you feel like a leader."

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