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    April 05, 2011

    Spotlight: Small Business Awards keynote releases book

    Monahan, MichaelHave you ever dreamed of something really big but were afraid to take the risk and settled for less? Have you ever struggled with making decisions? Have you ever felt like you were on your own in life?

    In his unique business book, From the Jungle to the Boardroom, author Mike Monahan shows that we all face the same challenges as we make decisions. We’re afraid, so we question our judgment. And we compare ourselves to others.

    Mike Monahan is executive director, CEO and lead facilitator for the West Chester-based nonprofit, Life Success Seminars, an organization that helps people foster their individual greatness through results-oriented seminars that focus on important concepts like leadership, having your voice, personal responsibility, resolving conflict and trusting yourself and others.

    Monahan has helped thousands of individuals identify their self-limiting beliefs and subsequent behaviors so they can adjust their actions, achieve their goals and excel in life. More than 11,000 people in 48 states and 11 countries have attended Life Success programs since the nonprofit began in August 1985.

    His new book, which challenges the way we make decisions, is based on the leadership lessons Monahan learned during his service in Vietnam and on his journey to leading a nonprofit and facilitating personal-development seminars.

    For his Army service, Mike was awarded a Bronze Star and two Army Commendation Medals, one of which was for valor.

    Monahan served as the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber Small Business Excellence Awards keynote in 2010 and spoke to the audience specifically about the lessons he learned in Vietnam and their relation to making decisions, leadership and running a small business today. “Mike did a fantastic job engaging with the small business audience and inspiring the leader in all of us,” said Laurie Brinkman, program manger, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. “We wish him luck with the release of his new book.”

    This isn’t a book about the Vietnam War. It’s a book about a guy who spent a year in Vietnam, who experienced the struggles and triumphs of life—and who changed in order to live a life of freedom.

    Monahan distills his leadership lessons into three simple questions that we all face in everyday life as we make decisions. And he explores how our feelings can affect our ability to make important choices.

    From the Jungle to the Boardroom was recently listed as #1 to watch by

    From the Jungle to the Boardroom will be published on Monday, April 11, by Beacon Publishing. The book is available for preorder on and Joseph-Beth Booksellers (Rookwood Pavilion, 2692 Madison Road, Cincinnati, 45208) is hosting a book-release event on April 11 at 7pm.

    To register for the Chamber’s 2011 Small Business Excellence Awards with keynote, Erin Schreyer, sought-after motivational speaker and president of Sagestone Partners,click here.


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