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    August 02, 2011

    Richardson & Associates enriches clients and community

    2011 Small Business of the Year Richardson & Associates is enriching clients and community lives.
    Richardson Spotlight 8 02 2011After successfully navigating her employer, a global and Fortune® 500 firm through its Sarbanes-Oxley compliancy rigor, Sherri Richardson took stock – in her own career. “My team and I worked extremely hard. I felt it was time to put my passion and expertise to help even more companies succeed.”

    So the CPA hung her shingle in 2007 and began recruiting extremely intelligent, talented colleagues … and customers. Over the past three years, the firm has grown to six female associates and boasts an impressive client list, including the University of Cincinnati, Metropolitan Sewer District, Cincinnati Public Schools, Dayton Metropolitan Housing and one client that, Richardson confides, “we had to convince to use us. And then we helped them grow revenues from $100K to $4 million in 2010, and a projected $4.5 million for 2011.”

    Richardson & Associates, the 2011 Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber Small Business of the Year winner, attributes their success to a couple of fundamentals. “Sometimes, small businesses get shut out because of size, or the perception that they lack bandwidth. We hit that head on by building intellectual capacity and by becoming experts in several key sectors. We research industry-specific certifications for our clients. We network for business opportunities on behalf our clients and when necessary, partner with other firms. Growing your business is all about planning and strategy. That’s accounting, and we are experts.”

    Keeping customers at the center of what they do has also helped Richardson grow in a fairly challenging economic period. “By maintaining close relationships with our customers, we were able to be proactive in offering non-traditional accounting services, like grant writing and research. We’re also retained by CPS and 3CDC to design, develop and audit diversity and inclusion plans.”

    And Richardson & Associates gives back. “Volunteerism,” offers Richardson, “is part of our DNA.” While it’s challenging to commit non-billable hours, the firm lends staff time and expertise to a variety of organizations because “it simply makes us and our community better.” Richardson, a winner of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber 2011 Small Business Excellence Award, is proud of her team’s initiative. “My firm supports Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technical and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO), Adopt-A-Class, and Accounting for Kids. The firm’s Business Development Manager, Theresa Harper, is on the board of the NAACP and leads its youth group. Richardson states, “We work hard to instill a vision of ‘you can make it with math’ because we’re training the workforce of tomorrow.”

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