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    December 20, 2011

    What makes Cincinnati unique: authentic narrative captures history

    Agenda 360, Vision 2015Many attempts have been made to distill the assets and strengths of our region into a single phrase that would personify Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Despite our prowess in consumer marketing, we’ve been flummoxed by the complexity of reducing a region of 2.1 million people and 200-plus years of history into a handful of words. So maybe we should stop trying and start talking. Specifically, to tell our story in all its richness. Let’s describe our vivid characters, honor our sense of place, and take appropriate detours down interesting threads of our history and present-day accomplishments.

    That’s what Agenda 360, our regional action plan and its counterpart in Northern Kentucky, Vision 2015, working with scores of community partners, are doing with The Story Project.

    Over the last year, teams have worked together to uncover our story—those singular themes that, when woven together, could be only one place: Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. True to our consumer know-how, we’ve tested those themes with groups around our region. Now, we’re building resources that our key “translators”—economic development leaders, communications and marketing professionals, elected officials, and so many others—can use as the platform for effective communications that will draw more people and businesses to our region and in the effort, grow our civic pride.

    With the World Choir Games coming here in 2012, we have a great opportunity to test-drive our story for a global audience. But the real benefits will emerge afterward, as we tell a more consistent, compelling, and ultimately, differentiating story about our home.

    The Story Project recently made the Enquirer’s front page. Read the article

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