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    December 06, 2011

    Pathfinder and ROI Calculator – two tools for 2012

    Program Pathfinder lgChamber membership offers networking and education at 150+ events annually, a 51% discount on Workers’ Compensation premiums, up to 4% off health insurance premiums, and much more. Simply, Chamber membership can help you and your company be more successful, save money, and keep the region strong.

    The Chamber offers two website tools that can help you build confidence in your Chamber investment, and can quickly lead you to Chamber programs, events and services that fit your needs.

    Business Matchmaker: Boost your career with the Chamber’s Program Pathfinder

    Program Pathfinder is a navigation tool that matches you with a customized list of programs and events that fit your individual needs and ultimately help improve your career.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Visit
    2. Select your personal criteria from the different pathfinder categories including job function, experience level, company size, etc.
    3. Click on the Find Matches button.
    4. Get matched with a personalized list of Chamber programs and events selected for you. Programs with more pathfinder “stars” next to them are more closely aligned with your chosen criteria.
    5. Register!

    Choose your own personal criteria and get matched today! Try Program Pathfinder now

    Measure Membership Value: ROI Calculator

    As a Chamber member, you know the value of the networking events and Bottom Line Benefits discounts on your business. But are you taking advantage of all of the ways that you can connect with potential customers and save money? If your company has less than 500 employees, use our return on investment calculator to measure your membership value – and then share it with your customers and vendors to help them be more successful, save money, and keep the region strong, too! The calculator outlines the value of networking events, as well as some of the discounts Chamber membership merits on ChamberHealth, Workers’ Compensation, Office Depot, Ultimate Air Shuttle, Credit Card processing and CVG parking.

    Learn more about your membership value – and be a value-added partner to your clients, prospects and vendors! Check out ROI Calculator now

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