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    February 18, 2014

    Securing the Future for non-profits Apr. 8

    Nonprofits: If you're not asking what your most valuable asset is as an organization, maybe you should. The answer may surprise you, and help you find your next funding source.

    Join us for Securing the Future: What Is Your Most Valuable Asset? The answer may surprise you.

    Everyone recognizes that the nonprofit sector is sorely undercapitalized. But how, challenges social change innovator and nonprofit expert Nell Edgington, do we solve this without a major overhaul of how nonprofit organizations and financial markets are structured? And in the meantime, how do we fulfill our respective missions?

    Dedicated to elevating team performance, this annual conference improves strategic and resource development skills for Greater Cincinnati nonprofit organizations. Join us – and learn ways to uncover your most valuable asset, leverage it, change perceptions, present solutions … and generate revenue.

    Register online or phone 513.579.3111 today.

    Keynote Speakers:
    Paul Alofs, President & CEO, Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
    Alofs, PaulAuthor of Passion Capital: The World’s Most Valuable Asset, Paul Alofs is re-inventing how charities fundraise and operate. He’s raised $750 million for cancer research by embracing new giving models, applying a disciplined marketing approach, overcoming risk aversion – and by leveraging Passion Capital.

    More valuable than money, human resources and intellectual property, Passion Capital is what separates leaders from followers, and innovators from imitators. It is the foundation upon which all other forms of capital are built. Passion is an emotion, but Passion Capital is tangible. It is the energy, intensity and sustainability leaders use to build lasting value and competitive advantage.

    Nell Edgington, President, Social Velocity
    Edgington, NellEdgington is helping nonprofits innovate for greater social impact and sustainability. Her book, The Power of Capacity Capital, features actionable stories of how relatively small investments in the smart, strategic revamping of an organization’s fundraising function can result in a dramatic increase in their revenue generation abilities, paying dividends for years to come.

    With 18+ years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Edgington understands the challenges, from insufficient fundraising infrastructure, small donor bases, lack of technology, and investment-worthy communications. Join us to learn how to overcome the barriers of building a comprehensive (and fundable) development plan.

    Launched as a project of Leadership Cincinnati Class XXIV (2001), Securing the Future is a development resource for nonprofits that attracts an audience of 200-300 nonprofit executives, fundraisers, board members, funders and operations staff annually. Tailored to address the current needs and concerns of board members, senior leadership, and those charged with overseeing nonprofit organizations, Securing the Future is a volunteer-led effort, making it one of the longest running Leadership Cincinnati class projects in the history of the program.

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