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    January 10, 2012

    CEOs and CFOs: Transform for 2012

    January 26, the Chamber will present an opportunity for CEOs and CFOs to learn about the benefits of the Chamber’s CEO Roundtable program, and to hear from Randy Dobbs, author of Transformational Leadership: A Blueprint for Real Organizational Change.

    About Randy Dobbs:

    Dobbs, RandyRandy Dobbs is a transformational leader with a proven track record of turning around businesses, improving morale and increasing revenue and earnings through his exceptional leadership skills and process improvement expertise. Over the course of a 36-year career in which he rose from an entry level job at GE Motors plant to become an officer and CEO in the General Electric Company, as well as CEO of Philips Medical Systems, N.A., and US Investigations Services, Dobbs developed a proven secret sauce to transform organizations and achieve winning financial results. With the release of Transformational Leadership, Randy provides a clear, step-by-step blueprint for lasting business success. Sharing personal experience and practical business tools, Dobbs takes business leaders on a journey through the transformational process. Leaders working in organizations of various sizes-and facing diverse challenges and opportunities-will find Dobbs’ ideas transformative personally as well as professionally. As businesses of all sizes struggle in a difficult economy, Transformational Leadership offers a blueprint for lasting financial success.

    About Roundtables:

    The CEO and CFO Roundtables program brings together CEOs and presidents, or CFOs of regional companies, for a confidential and invigorating exchange of information, ideas and insights. Each Roundtable consists of 10 to 12 members of noncompetitive companies representing various types of industries and organizations. Through monthly meetings, members enjoy candid, confidential discussions and receive advice and support from fellow CEOs who understand and share the unique challenges of top-level management.

    This event is the kickoff for the 2012 Roundtables programs, and is intended for CEOs and CFOs of companies that have been in business for two years or more and have at least five employees.

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