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    January 15, 2013

    Silver linings for small business owners

    Reseach n DevelopmentWhile the last-minute fiscal cliff deal isn’t exactly cause for celebration amongst small business owners, there may be a little-known silver lining: part of the deal includes the extension of a R&D tax credit available to small businesses through 2013.

    The R&D tax credit covers a wide range of activities, including improving an existing product, making a building greener, and reducing costs to make a product. It also covers a broad scope of industries – manufacturing, computer software, architects, engineers and food processing firms, to name a few. The credits can be transferred in an acquisition and can be taken retroactively. They are considered particularly beneficial to start-ups, because R&D costs incurred in years when a company has no income can be carried forward to offset taxes on future profits.

    While taking advantage of a tax credit may lead to a more meetings with your accountant, it could make the fall-out from the fiscal cliff deal less painful. Consider this small business owner’s situation recently reported in the Wall Street Journal and the Cincinnati Business Courier:

    “One [small business owner] is Tom Secor, who co-owns Durable Corp. in Norwalk, Ohio. Because his company is structured as an S-Corp, or partnership, Secor and his partners each pay taxes on their share of the profits at their personal income-tax rate. Secor’s rate was 35 percent last year.”

    “But because the company’s profits are likely to boost Secor’s personal income above $400,000 and the fiscal cliff deal reached Tuesday, his tax rate on the income over that amount would jump to 39.6 percent.”

    Davis, Matt 2012In a new year that might not be so happy for small business owners, the R&D tax credit could help make up lost dollars. Ideally, says Matt Davis, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber VP of Government Affairs, “this R&D extension would become permanent to bring certainty to U.S. tax law, foster more effective business decisions and encourage investment.”

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