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    January 08, 2013

    Talent, transportation are key in a recent Enquirer story

    Leaders say focus needs to be on the people

    By Ellen van der Horst,
    President and CEO, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

    van der Horst, Ellen 60x90We are in the midst of a modern renaissance in Cincinnati - and it is translating into a large amount of optimism in and about the region. One of the things fueling this optimism is job growth. We live in a region that created 28,000 jobs last year. A region that has more employment growth than "growth" markets Denver, Indianapolis and Charlotte, N.C. A region that has the most jobs of any region in Ohio for the first time since the data were tracked. But this is no time to rest. We need collectively to focus on two key drivers of future job growth. The two Ts: talent and transportation.

    Jobs chase talent. And the work of Strive, Partners for a competitive Workforce, Agenda 360, Vision 2015, the Chamber's HYPE initiative and others are leading this. We have work to do, but we are on the right path. And as we increase our jobs and talent pool, we need to be able to move people and goods from A to B. That's why a new Martin Luther King Boulevard interchange, a new Brent Spence Bridge and increasing air service are critical to our future.

    Innovative thinking is fundamental to success in growing both talent and transportation. 2013 is our time to turn optimism into action.

     Ellen's remarks were part of an article: A wish list to push area ahead in '13, that ran in the Cincinnati Enquirer on January 1, 2013.

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