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    January 18, 2011

    Busy start for Ohio’s new Governor & 129th General Assembly

    Kasich, JohnGovernor John Kasich did not waste any time getting to work as he issued his first executive order only hours after taking the oath to be the 69th Governor of the State of Ohio on January 10.

    The former Congressman and business executive’s first order of business was the creation of the Common Sense Initiative, and appointment of Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor as the Director of Ohio’s Department of Insurance. Lt. Governor Taylor will lead the Common Sense Initiative to conduct a review of small business regulations and recommend changes as she finds appropriate.

    The Administration hopes this will make conducting business in Ohio easier to make Ohio more competitive with other parts of the country.

    Ohio’s Republican-controlled House of Representatives also got to work quickly after being sworn in on January 3.

    Representatives in the House introduced legislation that would eliminate the Estate Tax (HB 3) and provide tax credits to businesses that hire unemployed individuals (HB 17) and increase payroll and expand to a vacant facility (HB 18).

    In addition, place holder legislation (HB 1) was introduced to begin the process of transitioning Ohio’s Department of Development to Governor Kasich’s JobsOhio initiative. 

    The designation of JobsOhio as HB 1 is symbolic as this bill number is reserved for legislation of the utmost priority to the House and the Governor. Governor Kasich campaigned on the initiative to privatize the Department of Development and JobsOhio is a step toward making the Governor’s campaign pledge a reality.

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