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    July 15, 2014

    REDI Cincinnati travels: San Diego, Munich


    REDI Cincinnati Makes Connections Around the Globe: San Diego, California and Munich, Germany

    Above: Photo of the rooftop VIP party co-sponsored by REDI Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children's and L.A. Children's Hospital 


    REDI Cincinnati traveled to the West Coast for Bio International, the largest life sciences conference in the world, and overseas to Munich, Germany, with a message to create awareness of Greater Cincinnati and generate business attraction leads.

    Bio International hosts more than 10,000 attendees every year, with a large attraction of international countries and companies.  The event featured traditional booth spaces, but also an unique partnering system that allowed for matching of 1:1 meetings.  The booths were impressive and included countries like China, Germany, Japan and Canada which are all countries on REDI's foreign direct investment strategy target list. 

    Singer, Adam, 2014 Stacie DastoorAdam Singer, REDI Cincinnati's BioHealth director, and Stacie Dastoor, who oversees the marketing for REDI Cincinnati, traveled with a delegation made up of investors and business partners: Northern Kentucky Tri-ED, bioLOGIC, Assurex Health and Cincinnati Children's.  "Each attendee from this delegation represented a vital piece of the business ecosystem for life sciences here in Cincinnati," said Adam Singer.  "You've got a world-class and recognized hospital in CIncinnati Children's, life sciences incubator in bioLOGIC, a start-up success story and regional ambassador in Assurex Health and regional economic development expertise from Northern Kentucky Tri-ED and REDI Cincinnati.  Combine that expertise together with a cohesive message and you've got a great story that can resonate and reach more people."

    When it came to the integrated marketing strategy, the results stood out.  When asked about the overall messaging Singer said, "Our partners knew the right talking points about bio and the Cincinnati region to talk to exactly what life sciences companies need.  By using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as a group, we were able share our story with hundreds more professionals who need information about our region and our capabilities. Every tweet and post from our activity opened the door for more people to locate and interact with us – and to begin relationships. It was a powerful experience."

     REDI Cincinnati also co-sponsored a VIP event with Cincinnati and L.A. Children's Hospital which provided access to over 200 current and prospective life sciences companies. REDI represented the region's life sciences expertise while positioning the area as one with a thriving business ecosystem that can support startups, innovation and commercialization and has been able to show support and proven stability through examples of larger companies like Children’s Hospital, University of Cincinnati and others.

    To view the pictures, visit REDI Cincinnati's Facebook page.


    Cincinnati and Munich Celebrate 25 Years As Sister Cities

    2014 Germany Delegation

    A delegation from Cincinnati headed to Munich, Germany to celebrate the relationship between Cincinnati and its German sister city. The delegation was led by Cincinnati Munich Sister Cities Association (MSCA) President Robert Stevie, Ute Papke, and John Mack to celebrate the 25 years of collaboration between the two cities. German influence is prevalent in Cincinnati, from the food to the architecture, especially in areas like Over the Rhine which has recently been featured in a piece on Cincinnati which was named one of Fortune Magazine's 5 up-and-coming downtowns

    Riddle, TammyTammy Riddle from REDI Cincinnati traveled on behalf of REDI as a guest on the delegation with MSCA. Attending with the delegation were 50 Cincinnatians, including Mayor John Cranley, Dr. Teik Lim, U.C.'s Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science, Dr. O'Dell Owens, President of Cincinnati State, representatives from American Modern Insurance and members of the MSCA.

     REDI’s goal of the trip was two-fold: to establish relationships with German partners, universities and manufacturing companies, and open the door to business attraction and new relationships to the Cincinnati region. "Many times on international business development trips, we must start the conversation about Cincinnati with a map of the U.S. to show where Cincinnati is located. Because of the long-standing relationship with Munich through the work of MSCA and strong collaborations and German heritage, we didn't need to do that during this trip," says Riddle. "Cincinnati is home to more than 100 German companies, and we are looking forward to strengthening that through the relationships we started on this trip.” REDI Cincinnati met with the State of Bavaria, BMW, Siemens and Linde and hosted a reception celebrating the 25 years of collaboration between the two cities.

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