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    July 02, 2013

    What's the big idea?

    Big Idea Challenge Cincinnati

    What’s your big idea?

    Share a big idea on how to make Greater Cincinnati even greater, and The Greater Cincinnati Foundation could invest $50K to help make it happen.

    The Big Idea Challenge seeks ideas for creating a more vibrant and prosperous Greater Cincinnati where everyone can thrive. The Greater Cincinnati Foundation is sponsoring the Big Idea Challenge in celebration of its 50th anniversary. We welcome ideas from individuals from all over our region. You don’t have to be connected to an organization, you don’t have to have a board or a planning committee, or a big budget. You just have to love Greater Cincinnati and have an idea for making it greater. We’re looking for ideas that are new – or new to Cincinnati. We’re looking for that spark of an idea you’ve shared with a few friends, or haven’t told anyone about because you weren’t sure how to make it happen. We’re looking for your Big Idea.

    Individuals from across our region can submit their own idea in one of seven categories: Strong Communities, Cultural Vibrancy, Job Creation, Environmental Stewardship, Educational Success, Health & Wellness, and Economic Opportunity. A great idea and a simple entry form is all that is required. 

    How It Works:

    Ideas submitted to the Big Idea Challenge will be narrowed by a panel of community reviewers to a set of finalists in each of the seven categories listed above. The public will be invited to vote to select winners in each category. Cash prizes (see below) will be awarded to individuals who submit the selected winning ideas. GCF will find nonprofit organization partners to test or implement the seven winning ideas and provide grant funds (see below) to get the idea started. Ideas submitted should be for implementation in the nonprofit sector - commercial or business proposals (products or services for sale) are not part of this challenge.

    There will be seven total winning ideas: six category winners and one Grand Prize winner. A cash prize will be given to the individual who submitted each of the seven winning ideas ($500 to each category winner and $1,000 to the grand prize winner). GCF will find a nonprofit partner and award a grant to test or implement the seven winning ideas ($5,000 grant for each category winning idea and $50,000 grant to the grand prize winning idea).

    Entries will be accepted through July 29. Complete guidelines, idea submission/viewing, and voting at

    “Like” Greater Cincinnati’s Big Idea Challenge and share with your friends at or join in the conversion at Twitter with #BigIdeaCincy.

     In honor of the 50th anniversary of:

    Greater Cincinnati Foundation


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