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    June 03, 2014

    Agenda 360 blog: much in common


    Earlier this spring Agenda 360, along with many community partners convened government leaders from across the region for Much In Common: A Forum for Leaders in Government. It was incredibly inspiring to see over 60 elected officials and top administrators getting to know each other, sharing insights and learning more about topics of interest to them. One highlight was a lively dialogue with young professionals from around the region and another was the keynote address from Pete Strange.

    Pete Strange, Chairman Emeritus of Messer Construction provided a great case for regional collaboration. Here is an excerpt of from his speech.

    Much in Common: A Forum for Leaders in Government
    March 29, 2014
    Speech by Peter Strange, Chairman Emeritus, Messer Construction

    “I start with a dose of reality. It is my opinion that at this point in our community's history every problem that could have been solved by a good speech from a middle-aged, white, business executive has most likely already been solved. We have got to move beyond talking to action to build the future we want and need. I am not here to lecture you on what you should do; I am here to volunteer to act along with you.

    So, how did I come to think of the entire region as my community?

    First it was a mandate of my business. Starting with our little, family-owned building company in Northern Kentucky and continuing through my career at Messer I have lived with the reality that construction services are delivered to the site of the customer's choice. Last year Messer submitted tax returns to 47 different taxing districts in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our reality is that we build across the regional community."

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