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    June 25, 2013

    HYPE Ambassadors connects young talent to one another

    HYPE Ambassadors

    HYPE Ambassadors is a program that matches new-to-town young professionals with Cincinnati USA ambassadors who can help them establish social, professional and community connections. The 2013 cycle kicks off this Thursday, June 27 engaging 80 young professionals for the 5-month program. Our HYPE Ambassadors program takes two kinds of people:
    1.) NEWBIES: New to the region, motivated, young talented professionals looking to discover all the amazing people, places and experiences Cincinnati USA has to offer
    2.) AMBASSADORS: not-so-new, been-here-a-while young talented YP’s who want to help introduce Cincinnati USA to new folks

    We connect the newbies with ambassadors to help integrate new young talent to the community of Cincinnati USA. From finding the best coffee shop or lunch spot, to learning how to navigate all the highways, to meeting new friends and getting involved in volunteer organizations, our ambassadors show the new folks the best ways to get around their new city.

    Julie Bernzott, HYPE Program Manager, says of the initiative, “The HYPE Ambassadors program supports a key goal of the HYPE Initiative, which is to support the attraction & retention efforts of our Chamber member companies. The Ambassadors program does that by connecting people new to our region with each other, and with a network of Cincinnati-established professionals, to help them engage, acclimate & socialize in their new city. Research has shown that the more connected people are to a community, the more likely they are to stay, and the Ambassadors program can be a key initial connection. And, of course, we want to show them how much fun Cincinnati is!”

    Want more information? Email or contact Julie at

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    The largest annual convergence of young professionals, featuring keynote speaker Adam Grant, top-rated business professor at the Wharton School of Business. Come join hundreds of other area young professionals to find out if you're a giver or a taker - and why it matters. Find out more or register today. 

    About HYPE:
    HYPE, which stands for Harnessing Young Professional Energy, is a movement to establish Cincinnati USA as a top destination for young professionals to live and work.

    Produced by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, HYPE offers programs and resources to attract, engage, develop and retain the best young talent in Cincinnati USA.

    Our four main programs are:

    • C-Change | Premier leadership development program for young professionals
    • Bold Fusion | Largest annual young professional summit
    • Cincy Chat | Luncheon series that gives YP's access to community and corporate leaders
    • HYPE Ambassadors | Matching program that connects YPs who are new the to region with Cincinnati-established ambassadors

    HYPE Ambassadors is sponsored by:

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