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    June 07, 2011

    What, exactly, can strategic planning do for your company?

    Strategic planning offers your company a vision for the future and enables your company to grasp opportunities as they arise. A vision of the future is really what planning is all about. It's too easy to get wrapped up in the present and lose sight of what the future should be like for your company and its employees. If companies intend to grow, they must continually focus on how they want the future to look. Even in a fast-changing world, planning helps guide a company.

    To that end, the Chamber offers a program called Roadmap: Strategies for Business Growth, which can help keep your company focussed on the future, with a better chance of identifying roadblocks that could interfere with growth and getting to your destination.

    “Since completing the Roadmap program, our communications and teamwork have improved greatly. The Myers-Briggs portion helped us to learn a lot about each other and why we do some things that we do.”

    Todd D. Hershberger, The Western States Machine Company

    If planning offers so many tangible benefits, why do many companies resist it? Some are more comfortable with reacting, rather than forward-thinking, and therefore don't want to devote so much time to it. Others think their circumstances are so likely to change that planning is futile, or that things are going so well that there's no point in planning. And some don't make strategic plans because they can't recognize the difference between strategic and short-term, operational planning—how to get where you've already decided to go.

    A plan gives us a foundation from which we can make appropriate detours as needed. Chamber representatives can meet one-on-one to spend some time thinking about your company’s future and plan through Roadmap: Strategies for Business Growth. To set a meeting, please contact Kimberly Eppert via email at or call 513.579.3108. For additional information about the program, visit

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