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    March 15, 2016

    Member guides website redevelopment

    Four reasons you need to update your website in 2016

    eye candy web site exampleNow more than ever it is important to have a well designed and user-friendly website. Your website is the face and voice of your business–your brand. If it has been more than 2 years since you’ve had a serious look at your site, the perfect time is now.

    1. Be Responsive.
    A website that functions properly when viewed on mobile devices is what web designers call a “responsive” website. In 2015, Google made big changes to their search function causing non-mobile friendly sites appear lower in search results or even drop off completely. For the first time ever, mobile searches have outnumbered desktop searches on the internet. It’s now more important than ever to have a responsive website and be Google compliant.

    2. Expand Social Media.
    Linking your social media pages to your website is crucial for driving web traffic to your business as well as allowing visitors to engage with your brand. Make sure links social media accounts are easily found on your website. Being more social will benefit your business’s connectivity and SEO reach.

    3. Rule With Video.
    Content is still king, but video content is replacing written content in terms of how many people it reaches and effectively engages. Integrating visual content into your company’s social media and website strategy is no longer an option, but a key component to telling your brand’s story.

    4. Refresh Your Brand.
    By making a few tweaks to your brand, you can infuse new energy into your business, stay current in a changing marketplace and create buzz among existing customers while engaging new ones. A few branding tweaks should also help increase traffic to your website.

    eye candyWhile updating your website may seem like a scary task, hiring a creative agency will give you access to SEO, strategy, design, written content, photography and video services all in one place. Member company, Eye Candy is a creative agency that uses a customized approach to meet the needs of their clients. To get a taste of what Eye Candy can do for you, or to get an assessment of your website, visit their website.

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