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    March 22, 2016

    Air quality agency seeks help from biz community

    The Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency is asking for help from businesses to assist in reducing air emissions, especially on Air Quality Advisory Days. Air Quality Advisory Days are announced the day before air quality conditions are expected to be hazardous or unhealthy for “sensitive” groups, who are indicated to include children, the elderly and those with sensitive respiratory conditions. There are no required actions on these days, but these agencies are requesting help to protect air quality by considering one of the following voluntary activities listed on their website (and below). As long as air quality does not deteriorate, then there will not be a need for regulations and these requests for assistance will remain voluntary.

    On Air Quality Advisory days, you can help reduce air pollution by taking the following actions:
    • Take the bus, carpool, bike or walk instead of driving
    • Refuel your vehicle after 8 p.m.; do not top off when refueling and tighten the gas cap
    • Do not idle your vehicle
    • Combine trips or eliminate unnecessary vehicle trips
    • Keep your vehicle maintained with properly inflated tires and timely oil changes
    • Avoid use of gasoline-powered lawn equipment on Air Quality Advisory days
    • Avoid use of oil-based paints and stains on Air Quality Advisory days 
    • Never burn leaves or other yard trimmings
    • Always burn clean, seasoned wood in outdoor fire pits, fireplaces and wood stoves
    • Avoid using fire pits or fireplaces for non-essential home heating on Air Quality Advisory days
    • Conserve electricity

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