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    March 15, 2011

    Spotlight: Member firm focused on weight loss

    Unique UThe Center for Disease Control is calling the rising rate of obesity the world’s number one healthcare crisis. A recent study showed that obese worker’s are sicker, miss more days of work, are more prone to injury and accidents, and incur higher medical costs than employees of average weight. With the seemingly constant rise of healthcare costs for companies and their employees, it is Dr’s. Lutz and Buchanan opinions that if these obesity related diseases can be minimized or eliminated, everyone is far better off.

    James T. Lutz, MD and Daniel L. Buchanan, DC were trained by a cardiologist in Florida who had developed cutting edge weight loss protocols using diet, exercise, medications, a hormone, supplements, education and patient support, over two years ago, and Dr.’s Lutz and Buchanan opened Unique U Medical Weight Loss & Wellness in late 2009, in Cincinnati. The doctors have treated over 500 patients, and are very happy with the results. Their practice is focused on patients losing fat and maintaining muscle mass, which will increase metabolism throughout the patient’s program. This enables the patient to maintain their weight loss far easier than if the patient had lost muscle, before fat, which would lower the patient’s metabolism.

    Dr. Buchanan reports that science has taught the medical community that muscle burns calories all the time, even when we sleep, so if our patients lose only fat, and maintain or hopefully gain muscle with exercise, then the metabolism does go up throughout this process, making it far easier for them to maintain their weight loss.

    Dr. Lutz believes that an issue with many traditional weight loss programs is the loss of muscle before certain types of fat, which then leads to a decrease in metabolism, and those patients almost always regain their weight and often times more, once they go back to normal calories. Dr. Lutz reports that he did see patients re-gain the weight when he was involved with a hospital based weight loss program, years ago.

    Unique U Medical Weight Loss & Wellness is an individualized program to help patients lose primarily fat, and maintain and hopefully gain muscle with exercise. The practice treats patients who only want to lose 8-10 pounds of very hard to lose stored fat up to 100’s of 100’s of pounds.  So the length of time that this process takes is in correlation with an individual’s goals and how much weight they would like to lose. Unique U Medical Weight Loss & Wellness does offer complimentary individual consultations on the program and also offers two complimentary group consultations per week, which gives a thorough explanation of this complex process.

    One focus that the doctors are developing is a presence in area companies and business helping to fight the epidemic of obesity. The Center for Disease Control is calling the rising rate of obesity the world’s number one healthcare crisis. About two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight, according to Landmark Data from the 2003-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination survey, and worse yet; more than one third are now considered obese. Just 4-10 years ago less than one quarter of adults were considered obese.

    These alarming statistics have caused Dr.’s Lutz and Buchanan to not only continue to seek new techniques and better protocols to help patients with fat loss and muscle retention, but they also have developed an occupational wellness screening protocol that they would like to offer to their fellow chamber members. These screenings consist of staff from Unique U Medical Weight Loss & Wellness, coming on site to business and companies, to perform four specific screenings for obesity related diseases, primarily diabetes and heart disease. The health screenings include testing for obesity related diseases. Blood pressure, body mass index and a blood sample can be taken in only minutes with a finger prick and a lipid profile and glucose analysis can be performed, to screen for diabetes and certain heart diseases.

    Dr’s. Lutz and Buchanan are very determined to help individuals of the Cincinnati area in this health crisis of increasing obesity and also are excited to offer the opportunity to health screenings to local businesses and companies.

    For more information on the Unique U Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Program, the practice’s website is The phone number is 513-984-2700. The doctor’s will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the program and welcome the opportunity to help get involved with your company or business with obesity related disease health screenings, as well as potential solutions for employees who may have one or more of these obesity related screening’s come back positive.

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