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May 10, 2016

Member gets you and your car safely home

AmRide logo AmRide started driving customers in 2012. Our mission has been two fold, to solve the problem of people driving their cars home after consuming alcohol and to provide an affordable alternative to town cars and limos.

AmRide offers professional, high-quality, screened, and insured drivers to drive our clients in their cars. We provide designated drivers to get them home safely and responsibly after a night of fun. We bring them to the airport conveniently and for half the price of a town car, and we make the luxury of a personal driver affordable.

AmRide DriversOur Designated Driver service saves lives. We make the roadways safer by providing an alternative to driving your car home, if intoxicated. Options such as Uber and taxi cabs are great, but many people choose to not use them because they do not solve the problem of what to do with their car at the end of the night. AmRide solves this by bringing you home in your own car.

In addition, our airport and personal driver services help to reduce incidents of distracted driving, which is an ever-growing problem, by allowing people who would normally text, make phone calls, or check emails while driving to not be behind the wheel.

It is important to us to make positive differences in our community. We realized that impaired driving and distracted driving are two sources of death and injury that are entirely preventable, and we felt that this was the best way for us to make an immediate and meaningful impact.

Schedule a ride or learn more here, call 1.855.426.7433 or download the AmRide mobile app (found in your Apple & Android stores).

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