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    May 20, 2014

    MVD lands networking contract

    MVD CommunicationsChamber member MVD Communications has been awarded a $4.1 million contract with the Trustmark Companies.

    MVD helped the insurer properly design and implement a new wide area network (WAN) and added secure Gigabit Internet Access effectively increasing their bandwidth by three and saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process

    Black, JeffJeff Black, CEO of MVD Communications, states, “The Trustmark Companies had a three-year-old network that just couldn’t keep up with today’s increasing needs for bandwidth and security. This was the ‘best of the best’ network three years ago. This just proves again the need for speed as customers are rapidly utilizing shared services and moving to the cloud. MVD worked with the highly talented Trustmark IT team developing a three-year roadmap to displace the old technology.”

    Plans started with a new gigabit DIA (dedicated internet access) line and strategic DIA lines at mission critical locations. The MPLS network was then addressed by increasing bandwidth and adding proper QOS (quality of service) enhancing security and increasing productivity with shared services. With the addition of shared services across the entire LAN (local area network), MVD was able to lower Trustmark’s overall spend.

    The next phase of the project includes displacing the old PSTN and implementing SIP services saving Trustmark Companies an additional $3,000 per month.

    MVD specializes in providing properly designed, total network solutions to businesses nationwide providing quality service, improved security, higher bandwidth, and higher productivity with scalable network pipes while decreasing the total cost of operation.

    For 22 years, MVD has been providing full-service communication solutions to business customers across the country including: data, IP, and network services; VoIP telephone maintenance and systems; wireless networking; and other communication managed services.

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