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May 24, 2016

Taste the tunes: Enjoy more than 50 music and comedy acts

Taste Entertainment Image - CurrentsMore than 50 music and comedy acts will appear at Taste of Cincinnati and we’ve added another stage to West Sixth Food Truck Alley. That’s six total stages throughout the event. “I’m proud of the diversity in musical styles which provides a true taste of Cincinnati’s music scene and heritage,” said Cynthia Oxley, the festival's director.

Meijer Stage at Fountain Square
Saturday, May 2811:30am-2pmRobin Lacy & DeZydeco
 3:00-6:00pmGee Your Band Smells Terrific
 7:00-11:00pmCherry on Top
Sunday, May 2911:30am-2pmAmy & the Arrangement
 3:00-6:00pmShut Up & Drive
Monday, May 3012:30-2:30pmThe Sonny Moorman Band
 6:30-9:00pmThe Leroy Ellington Band
Kentucky Ale Beer Garden at Government Square
Saturday, May 2811:30 am-2:30pmDanny Frazier Band
 8:00-11:00pmJamison Road
Sunday, May 2911:30am-2:30pmThe Jason Owens Band
 3:30-7:00pmNick Netherton Band
 8:00-11:00pmDan Varner Band
 Monday, May 3011:00am-1:00pmTana Matz
 2:00-5:00pmThe Kenny Welch Band
 6:00-9:00pmHu-Town Holler
MadTree Beer Garden Between Main & Sycamore
Saturday, May 28 11:30am-2:00pmP. Ann Everson Price & the All Star Band
 3:00-5:00pmRICKY NYE INC.
 6:00-9:00pm4th Day Echo
  Taste of Comedy Show
 9:30-9:40pmKyle Jeffers
 9:40-9:50pmTabari McCoy
 9:50-10:00pmButch Wesley
 10:00-10:10pmChris Weir
 10:10-10:20pmGabe Kea
 10:20-10:35pmMark Chalifoux
 10:35-11:00pmMike Cronin (Emcee)
Sunday, May 2912:00-3:00pmLEGATO
 3:00-5:00pmPerfect Sequel
 6:00-9:00pm3 Day Rule
  Taste of Comedy Show
 9:30-9:40pmKyle Jeffers
 9:40-9:50pmKelly Collette
 9:50-10:00pmButch Wesley
 10:00-10:10pmSpark Tabor
 10:10-10:20pmGabe Kea
 10:20-10:35pmMike Cronin
 10:35-11:00pmMark Chalifoux (Emcee)
 Monday, May 3011:30am-2:00pmGlory Days
 3:00-5:00pmWhat She Said
 6:00-9:00pmAzucar Tambao
West 6th Food Truck Alley at North Broadway
Saturday, May 28 11:30am-2:00pmAzucar Tumbao
 3:00-6:00pmLaveinna Campbell
 7:00-11:00pmCincinnati Frequency Band
 Sunday, May 2911:30am-2:00pmWooley Mammoths
 3:00pm-6:00pmThe G. Burton Story
 7:00-11:00pmThe Ingrid Rachel Project
 Monday, May 3011:30am-2:00pmThe Bluebirds
 3:00-5:00pmThe Tracy Walker Band
West 6th Food Truck Alley at South Broadway
Saturday, May 2811:30am-2:00pmJeff Henry
 3:00-6:00pmCincy Brass Band
 7:00-11:00pmBen & Tara
Sunday, May 2911:30am-2:00pmTracy Walker
 3:30-6:00pmMatt Cowherd
 7:00-11:00pmBurning Caravan
Monday, May 3011:30am-2:00pmBen & Tara
 3:00-6:00pmJeff Henry
 6:00-9:00pmMatt Cowherd
Taste Experience/Caterer’s at P&G Gardens
Saturday, May 28 11:30am-2:00pmTracy Walker
 3:00-6:00pmKelly Thomas
 7:00-11:00pmElizabeth Walters
 Sunday, May 293:30pm-6:00pmJeff Henry
 7:00-11:00pmElizabeth Walters
 Monday, May 3011:30am-2:00pmAnnette Shephard & Brian Lovely
 3:00-5:00pmG. Burton

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