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May 03, 2016

Member provides student loan solutions

Innovative Student Loan SolutionsMember Company, Innovative Student Loan Solutions is a full-service financial company providing tax, student loan, and retirement analysis, employment certification, on-going annual review, and support for full-time 501c3 employees who are eligible to participate in Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

By analyzing nonprofit employees’ life goals, financial position, and federal student loan debt, we are able to provide strategies that will help them improve their cash flow, and save money for things that really matter to them in life; going back to school, buying a house, paying down high interest credit cards, taking a vacation or saving for retirement.

Partnering with employers, providing all of the analytical work upfront, and deferring fees until we have demonstrated our value makes us completely different from other service providers in the “student loan advisory” space. Our goal is to provide financial solutions for your employees burdened with student loan debt. It’s like giving your employees a raise, and it does not cost your nonprofit organization a dime!

Financial Peace of Mind
Adam Rex
We aren't millionaires and with three kids every dollar counts. I have a lot more financial peace of mind after working with this company. My student loan debt was such a huge stress hanging over my head, and I resigned myself to paying on it forever. What choice did I have but to chip away at it as best I could? I am grateful that my HR Department shared the information and provided us with a better solution.

Adam Rex
-School Social Worker

If you are a nonprofit employer and would like to find out how you can be the hero, and help your employees immediately reduce the amount and duration of their student loan payments, maximize tax-free student loan forgiveness , go back to school and achieve other life goals, all at no cost to your organization, please contact:

Jay Bauer, Director of Business Development
Office: 513.645.1190 | Mobile: 513.907.3700
11310 Montgomery Road, Suite 216
Cincinnati, OH 45249

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