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    November 01, 2011

    Remembering Sylvester Wilkerson

    Wilkerson, Sylvester

    Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber Employee, Sylvester Wilkerson, who began and ended his professional career in service to the community, passed away this September at the age of 67.

    He began his career in 1967 with the Citizens Committee on Youth in Cincinnati Ohio where he was the Associate Director for the “Concern for Youth” program. From this launching point, he filled his resume with success at Law, University and Manufacturing, spending a decade of his life in Georgia before returning to Cincinnati in 1990. For the past eight years, his retirement “job” has consisted of working with African American businesses, representing simultaneously both the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and the African American Chamber of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. This role allowed him to be featured on the “Gems of the Queen City” talk show, airing in September 2011.

    Sylvester’s work as a community leader was as varied as his professional career, and just as important to those he served. He worked with the State Attorney’s Office on housing fraud issues. Served on the Board of Community Builders/City West in order to transform the Laurel Homes Project into what is now City West. He also spent several weeks in New Orleans, volunteering with the Jehovah Witness Disaster Relief Team providing meals and shelter for the general population and volunteers cleaning up that disaster. As an Elder in his church, he counseled those who were in trouble.

    The degree that Sylvester touched the lives of those around him is measured by the over 600 attendees to his memorial service. He is survived by his wife of 42 years, Marzelle, sons Kenny and David Wilkerson along with a sea of friends and family who loved him.

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