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    November 12, 2013

    The results are in...

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    The results are in, and Cincinnatians made it clear they wanted a change: John Cranley was elected Mayor with 58% of the vote, defeating incumbent City Council member Roxanne Qualls. Three new members, David Mann, Kevin Flynn and Amy Murray, were elected to Cincinnati City Council, but the incumbents held strong -- six were re-elected to a new, four-year term. We anticipate support from the new City Council as six of the nine Council members elected scored in the top tier of the Chamber's scorecard. The Chamber went three for three on ballot issues: Issue 4, the pension reform amendment, was defeated, and both the Library and Zoo levies were renewed.

    Here's a quick sketch on what the election results could mean for the business community in the Cincinnati USA region.


    John Cranley has been elected to serve as the Cincinnati's mayor for the next four years. Cranley has stated that his priorities are: job creation, public safety, getting the city's fiscal house in order, decreasing the poverty rate, and strengthening schools. Cranley's experience in the private and public sector should serve Cincinnatians well as he works with the new Council to implement his agenda.

    Cranley campaigned on his opposition to the Streetcar Project and parking modernization lease; both projects are well underway and what's unknown is how - and if - he can stop them. In Cranley's favor are the six members of Council who have publicly stated their opposition to the streetcar. A majority of Council also opposes the parking modernization lease, though it has already been approved.

    The Chamber looks forward to working Mayor-elect Cranley and his Administration to help Cincinnati continue its strong momentum.


    The newly elected City Council Members will be sworn in to serve four-year terms, the first council to do so after a charter amendment was passed last year changing the terms from two years. The following candidates will comprise our new City Council:

    P.G. Sittenfeld*37,484                                                                                
    Charlie Winburn*27,397
    David Mann26,443
    Yvette Simpson*25,449
    Chris Seelbach*23,738
    Christopher Smitherman*23,604
    Wendell Young*22,600
    Kevin Flynn22,059
    Amy Murray21,979


    The new City Council is more balanced than in years past as it is comprised of five Democrats, two Independents and two Republicans. The Chamber believes this Council will serve the business community well as we work to strengthen the local and regional economy.



    Issue 1 | PASSED, 80%: A renewal of a tax for the benefit of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

    The Chamber supported Issue 1 given the significant impact the Library has on the economic vitality of our region. The inherent value of a public library system within an educated and progressive community is undeniable, and the strengths and qualities that characterize our system should be preserved.

    Issue 2 | PASSED, 80%: A renewal of a tax for the benefit of maintaining the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

    The Chamber supported Issue 2 as the Zoo is a regional asset that delivers far-reaching economic benefits to our community.

    Issue 4 | FAILED, 78%: A charter amendment that would place future city employees in a defined contribution system, lower the cap on future accruals for current employees, cap a year's COLA (cost of living adjustment) at 3%, and would require the pension deficit to be 100% solvent at ten years.

    The Chamber opposed Issue 4 because, although the pension system is in need of reform, this amendment was not the right answer. The Chamber looks forward to working with the new Mayor and City Council to make responsible and meaningful pension reform a top priority.


    The following candidates have been elected to fill the four open seats on Cincinnati's Public School Board:

    Melanie Bates*                                                 26,891
    Ericka Copeland-Dansby      22,016
    Elisa Hoffman20,533
    Daniel Minera16,185



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