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    November 19, 2013

    Member branding success

    Culture Drives Brand at Remke Markets

    Intrinzic txtChamber member and Northern Kentucky business Intrinzic is busy broadening the definition of choice. For decades marketers have relied on their brands to create a point of difference in the marketplace. But in a highly commoditized market, brand - or at least the verbal/visual storytelling we associate with brand - doesn't carry the weight it used to. Today, it's the organization, the people and culture of a company that drives consumers to choose one brand over another.

    Remke storeThere is no better example of people and culture driving brand than Remke Markets. Intrinzic helped Remke go to market a few weeks back with a dramatic brand refresh. But it wasn’t our work on the visual and story elements of the brand that took center stage, but rather the way we captured and built upon the most inspiring aspects of their culture.

    RemkeRemke had something most companies covet: an ethic. As an organization steeped in tradition, they have deeply rooted beliefs about how things should be done. And these beliefs translated themselves in unique practices and routines focused on delivering quality and goodness. Even more ingrained in their culture is a never-compromise belief about the way every person who walks in the door should be treated. These are things the larger competitors had abandoned decades ago - a necessity of creating scale and price advantages.

    Intrinzic is a company that looks at brand from the inside out. The one thing we believe above all else is that brand is truly an extension of a company’s culture: if an organization can’t fulfill its promises, the brand and everything around it feels shallow and meaningless. (Translation: not able to drive business growth.) With Remke, we saw a huge opportunity to create a major point of market differentiation through culture. The beauty is that we brought to life something that was already inherent in the organization, and we did it by creating an entire brand experience that inspires consumers and employees alike. Something that could be embraced, built upon and added to by every employee in every interaction.

    By far, the real hero of this amazing transformation was the culture. And if you walk into any store on any day, you will experience something very visceral, authentic and completely differentiated from every other grocery experience you will find. That is the power of Brand Culture.


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