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    November 26, 2013

    Immigration reform: Why it matters to your business

     Senate Bill 744Since April, the Chamber has been actively tracking the subject of immigration reform as a high priority topic for Chamber members  - and a key issue within our 2014 Public Policy Agenda. We have tracked this issue with the aid of an Immigration Task Force, a group of experts involved with the day-to-day practice of immigration issues. In June, the Chamber submitted an extensive set of comments to the US Senate as that body completed its work on a comprehensive reform bill (S.744). As most people are aware, the issue, at least legislatively, has now moved to the US House. Importantly, although the House has passed a number of important immigration bills, these bills are more singular in approach and the House still needs to decide how and whether it will aggregate the broader set of issues that make up this complex subject. 

    Immigration Reform To keep high level focus on immigration reform, the Chamber will host a news conference with business representatives on Tuesday, December 3 at 10:00 a.m. This news conference will focus on emphasizing why this reform makes economic good sense and why reform will pay extensive benefits for all Americans during upcoming decades. Participants will include the Cincinnati Home Builders, Natorps Inc., Associated Builders and Contractors, and Chamber staff. 

    The Chamber’s core message on immigration reform includes the following:

    • There is bipartisan agreement and support that our Nation’s immigration laws need to be reformed and updated. Our legislative leaders need to take advantage of this broad base. Surely the “how” of getting this done can be hammered out among the many parties who want to see reform move forward.
    • Immigrants, particularly highly trained immigrants, frequently want to take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities in the United States. Unfortunately, these individuals confront many challenges regarding their interest in staying in the US to invest and build businesses.
    • US employers have multiple job openings for skilled trades workers, as well as agricultural workers. This gap is expected to get worse in coming years. Ohio farmers, for example, have had to plow under huge sections of this year’s crop because of unavailable seasonal labor.
    • Reforms to our current system will help secure America’s borders, surely a goal that everyone shares.
    • Reform provides a chance to clarify everyone’s status, activities and standing regarding immigration activities, from businesses who need workers to the individuals themselves who seek to work in our country. 

    The press conference is being organized by the Partnership for a New American Economy, a group the Chamber has previously teamed up with on immigration reform. For more information, please call 513.579.3176.

    Partnership for a New American Economy


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