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    November 07, 2011

    Cincinnati businesses need partners

    Matt Davis, VP Government Affairs, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

    Davis, MattWhen the Chamber reviews legislation or vets a candidate, we ask one question: how will this legislation or candidate promote job creation in our region? We ask that because the Chamber is in the business of creating an environment for our members to grow jobs and expand. So when we enlisted nearly 15 Chamber volunteers to spend almost 20 hours of their time to interview candidates for Cincinnati City Council, we asked our volunteers to think in terms of who will be the best partner for them as they try to grow our economy.

    Which candidates are willing to take a hard look at the realities of the City's budget? Which candidates are willing to digest the sobering reality of the budget and resist the easy answer: "just raise taxes." You see, all too often, an elected official will say, "Let's just raise taxes on businesses. They can afford it." Cincinnati can't fall back on that type of thinking. We need partners at City Council who are willing to bring businesses to the table, not just tell them they're on the menu. 

    So take a look at our Cincinnati City Council Candidate Scorecard, think about what the candidates are saying on these important issues and vote for the best partner.


    If you reside in the City of Cincinnati, tomorrow you’ll also elect 9 representatives to Cincinnati City Council. The candidates are:

    • Jacqueline Allen
    • Mike Allen
    • Kathy Atkinson
    • Chris Bortz
    • Kevin Flynn
    • Leslie Ghiz
    • Nicholas Hollan
    • Wayne Lippert
    • Pat McCollum
    • Amy Murray
    • Roxanne Qualls
    • Sandra Queen Noble
    • Laure Quinlivan
    • Jason Riveiro
    • Chris Seelbach
    • Yvette Simpson
    • P.G. Sittenfeld
    • Catherine Smith Mills
    • Christopher Smitherman
    • Cecil Thomas
    • Orlando Welborn (write-in)
    • Charles Winburn
    • Wendell Young

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