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    November 30, 2010

    HYPE blog network: life on your dime

    Hype smYou will find some new voices on HYPE, the Chamber’s talent retention and attraction initiative, has created a beat of local bloggers who are providing unique voices to the site.

    “We know that young talent can afford to live, work and play here in Cincinnati USA,” said Jennifer Young, HYPE marketing manager. “We know we have amazing assets, and we know that what we have is accessible—pair that with being able to actually afford to participate in these amenities and we have a perfect storm for success.”

    Some may say affordability is not "sexy" or new, but the research is saying that the next generation thinks it is cool. So HYPE embraced this mantra and has been working diligently to embed it into every company, organization and person.

    So HYPE put the all-call out for young, talented, passionate, social-media savvy bloggers to adopt a “beat” that includes: arts & culture; music & nightlife; fun & festivals; sports & rec; urban & suburban neighborhoods; dining out; and innovation.

    Seven diverse bloggers were selected and have begun their journey to share information about life in Cincinnati—tying it back to the message that life here is affordable, accessible and well-rounded.

    So take a few minutes to bookmark, or the#HYPERblogs hashtag on Twitter, and get to know the new faces of the “Life on Your Dime” HYPE bloggers. And help spread the word. These bloggers are volunteering their time, talent and energy to spread the love.

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