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    November 30, 2010

    So how embedded are YPs in Cincinnati USA?

    The results from ‘Smoke Detector’ research are in

    Hype smHYPE partnered with Blackbook EMG, a company focused on employee on-boarding and retention, to conduct the regions first-ever Smoke Detector survey. The survey, conducted last summer, measured the level of employee embeddedness and gives Cincinnati USA a snapshot of its talent retention vulnerabilities. In short, it provides a snapshot of at-risk pockets that allow employers, and the region, to dig deeper and reduce the probability of top talent leaving.

    Messer, CarlaCarla Messer of Blackbook presented the results of the Smoke Detector research at this year’s Talent Symposium. She explained that young professionals, specifically those under 30 and with low job tenure, are the least embedded in Cincinnati USA.

    “This is not a surprise, but rather a confirmation of previous thinking,” explains Messer. “Regional and company efforts (like HYPE, Blackbook and other affinity groups) that focus on connecting these individuals both on the job and in the community need to continue.”

    Another pocket of less-embedded individuals who pose a risk of job flight was found in those who hold a Ph.D. or highly-educated employees.

    Messer pointed out, “this finding was unexpected, but important when considering how valuable these resources are to the organizations in which they are employed and the overall educational level of the region. Strategies for retaining this vital brain-trust may look very different than initiatives targeting other affinity groups.”

    The survey also confirmed the lament of many tri-state employers trying to retain minority talent. People of color reported being far less embedded than their white counterparts, suggesting that Cincinnati-area employers still have some heavy lifting to do.

    Messer highlighted one question in particular that bodes well for Cincinnati.  When asked the question “The area where I currently live offers access to lifestyle and leisure activities that I like.” (Such as faith organization, sports, outdoors, cultural, arts, shopping, restaurants, etc.)

    51.6 percent of respondents selected “strongly agree” and an additional 30 percent responded with “somewhat agree.”  This tells us that the vast majority believe that Cincinnati USA offers a wide variety of lifestyle activities leading to higher feelings of embeddedness.

    There were 940 responses to a 25-question survey that focused on three measures: the extent to which an employee is aligned with an organization and the community; the level of connectedness with people at work and home; and the pain that would be associated with leaving the job or community.

    “The ‘Smoke Detector’ findings are a benchmark for the region. It is telling us that talent really is crucial to the success of a community and that we need to continue to work with local businesses to elevate this to the top of our recruitment and retention efforts," offered Jennifer Young, HYPE marketing manager. "We need to move away from reacting to anticipating."


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