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    October 13, 2015

    Kaivac clinches HumanaVitality™ Silver Status

    Headquartered in Hamilton, OH, and the originator of No-Touch Cleaning™ system, Kaivac, Inc., manufactures a full line of No-Touch cleaning products aimed at making cleaning processes safer for people and the environment while preserving quality and cost efficiency.

    And, they cleaned up using HumanaVitality. “We took a soft launch approach the first year we implemented a wellness program for their employees,” says CFO Bob Toews, “by simply putting it out there and letting people know it was available. We didn’t really promote it much, and it wasn’t attached to the premium structure -- at first.”

    “But, when we learned that premiums would be increasing 10%, it helped us decide that HumanaVitality could help offset our employees’

    Kaivac image 1

     costs and help the wellness of our company, too.” Kaivac gave their employees two months to achieve Bronze Status in order to get a portion of their rising premium back.  This was achieved simply by getting a wellness check.  Then, through the tiered program, achieving Silver Status qualified them for a 10% premium reduction, which offset the increase. 

    Leadership buy-in is critical to company wellness initiatives
    “We had buy-in right away,” says CFO, Bob Toews. “We announced the program and scheduled a day for onsite employee wellness checks with Cincinnati Health Works. We also made laptops available for them to easily register online with the Humana Vitality program.  Our owners were among the first to get in line and achieve Silver Status. They were behind it 100%.”

    Kaivac image 2The health checks translated to immediate Bronze Status for participants, and made it very easy to get two-thirds of the way toward Silver Status. “After that,” shares bob, “Humana  

    pedometers helped employees count steps and we made sure employees, who didn’t regularly use computers, had internet access so they could log their activity in the Vitality system.”

    Financial motivation and providing access to the technology definitely helped motivate Kaivac’s employees. But what really got people engaged turned out to be the friendly, competitive culture that thrives at the company. 

    Enthusiasm for wellness grows organically in a competitive culture
    Toews says, “We are a small company and come together for regular gatherings like BBQs and other social activities. Our sales team is extremely competitive with one another. They and the other departments enjoy casual competition already like fantasy football, March Madness brackets and other similar activities. Their natural competitive spirit made them highly engaged from the beginning. That caught on with the production department and then spread organically throughout the company. We didn’t have to do a lot of promotion.”

    To help keep employees motivated and engaged, Kaivac makes sure that employees get regular updates on monthly challenges and opportunities to earn points!

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    Learn how your company can save 10% at HumanaVitality™ Champ Camp, Thursday, Oct. 22 from 8-11 a.m. at the Chamber.

    You’ll get a light breakfast, chance to win prizes and connection to your free dedicated Wellness Advisors, just for being a member! Register here or call Kaeli at 579.3159.

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    Join us for:
    • An overview of, how to get started, set goals, and navigate through the system
    • Ideas on how to incorporate HumanaVitality™, into your company and get your colleagues engaged
    • Discussions on fitness devices - which device works best for you and your team, and why
    • Instructions on earning - and spending - rewards from the HumanaVitality™

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