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    October 15, 2013

    New programs reward safe workplaces

    The biggest benefit may be the difference you make in the lives of your employees. These safety programs can help you prevent, or at least minimize, the extent of accidents in your workplace, and the return-to-work options can help your injured workers recover faster, helping them get their life back to normal after an accident does happen. Participation in these programs may positively affect future premiums as well. Keeping a safe work environment, preventing accidents and minimizing lost time are all helpful for keeping the cost of workers' compensation insurance under control. A good safety record may enable your company to participate in the rating options that provide significant savings.

    The purpose behind Destination: Excellence is to:

    • Increase workplace safety
    • Enable injured workers to recover sooner and return to work
    • Add convenience and savings to managing your workers' compensation insurance policy

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