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    October 23, 2012

    Election 2012: Your vote guides key issues

    By Matt Davis

    Davis, MattThe word most heard these days is “jobs.” You cannot escape it, whether it is the “jobs” report, how many “jobs” a company created last week, what does this or that mean for “jobs.”

    There is (rightly) an extreme focus on the economy and its recovery in this election. Each candidate and party proposes a unique solution. They know that the public understands and relates to the economic climate, because it affects every person, every business, every day.

    The economy is fragile; national unemployment remains above 8 percent. While our local unemployment rate is better (just north of 7 percent), we are not out of the woods. It is you, the business community, who is the economic driver – not the political candidate – who will reduce insecurity, grow the economy, and put Americans back to work. Governments are expecting private business to invest and hire. In turn, you should expect that governments will help you to do so. You should expect that this election and your votes will lead to impactful decisions about health care, the regulatory system and tax policies, to name a few.

    The Chamber has thousands of members and we hear daily about the need for certainty from Washington, Columbus and Frankfort. Certainty is key, as it will eliminate the mystery of the unknown and enable businesses to start planning for the future. Each presidential candidate has specific intentions regarding tax policy. As a member of the business community, we think tax policy that encourages investment will best help you. In addition, objective and cost-effective regulations will minimize burdens and promote your ability to expand your reach, growing the economy.

    The Chamber encourages you to educate yourself on candidates at all levels of government and the issues that will be on the ballot. Be sure to visit to learn more, share with your coworkers what effect these proposed policies will have on your business, and do not forget to vote!

    Matt Davis is Vice President for Government Affairs, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. In that role, Matt leads the effort to advance the Chamber’s legislative agenda in the Greater Cincinnati region, Columbus and Washington D.C.

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