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    October 27, 2015

    Member Day savings

    bills and calculatorOver 2,500 businesses just like yours save big on two of their biggest expenses every year – simply by using their Chamber member benefits!

     HumanaChamberHealth through Humana offers both a 1.4% premium savings and a way to get your team healthier…and richer, with a 10% savings on your HumanaVitaltyTM renewal as soon as your first employee hits Silver Status.

     And, with the holidays right around the corner, Humana’s Vitality Mall comes in quite handy, with Amazon gift cards and more. Get a quote from your broker during this open enrollment period, and start using your Membership benefits already.

    Sheakley - The HR PeopleChamberComp, the Chamber’s Workers’ Comp program via Sheakley, is the largest group in Southwest Ohio. Size matters – especially when it comes to pricing. Thanks to the size of our group and locally-owned and operated Sheakley, our members won’t see as large of a reduction in savings. And, as a member, you get a no-obligation savings quote. Average savings for Group Rating is $5,000 – complete your AC-3 savings projection request before November 30.

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