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    October 06, 2015

    Member hits HumanaVitality Silver Status

     JP Flooring 100x76When JP Flooring CEO Patty Frodge talks about her company’s employee health and wellness efforts, she’s not just talking about eating better or losing weight. She’s talking about the opportunity to save a life.

    “Bringing a healthcare professional into the office to do biometric health screenings makes it easier for our employees to participate and eliminates excuses,” she says. The company also makes it easy to get annual flu shots onsite as well. Making it clear that it is an outside person conducting these services keeps it unbiased, confidential and respects employee privacy.

    They encourage staff to earn HumanaVitalityTM points in lots of easy, little ways.
        check marks Donate Blood
    donate blood“There’s a blood donation center right down the street and so donating blood is one of those easy, no-brainer ways to get points.”

        check marksPedometers
    Pedometer sm“A lot of our workers are walking a lot during the day from one end of our warehouses and showroom to another. If they wear the pedometer, they become more aware of their activity and they can log those steps and get credit for them.”

        check marksOnline Health Surveys
    They did a drawing for a $50 gift card for anyone who participated in Humana’s online health survey.

    “One of the biggest hurdles is just simply realizing how easy it is to participate,” says Frodge.

    For an aging population that may be less tech-savvy than younger counterparts, it can be bothersome to create another login, with another password to remember. But once you get past that little hurdle, they begin to see how easy it is to get involved.

        check marksFun Incentives
    movie tickets small Adding in periodic incentives and challenges can be just the boost a team needs to engage. Everyone, regardless of benefit eligibility status, gets to participate in a ticket system with quarterly incentives and giveaways. 

        check marksEmployee-driven Programs
    Having dedicated health coaches for staff, working with their Humana broker to develop new challenges are just two ways to get employees plugged in! “Every month, we host lunch-and-learns and create opportunities to meet privately with the health coach.”

    “We also created an employee-driven committee to drive the program,” says Frodge. JP Flooring passes the savings on to their employees, and those who achieved Silver Status by May 1st got an even bigger discount.

    Save a Life!
    While the financial savings are great, an even bigger benefit is knowing that these efforts actually made a difference in the outcome of someone’s life. The biometric screenings can help catch dangerous health conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes in their early stages while they are much more treatable.

    I had an employee come to me and say, “Thank you so much for encouraging me to do the biometric screening. It caught an early stage health condition that could have remained undetected until it was too late,” said Frodge.

    And that’s what it’s truly all about. 

    Learn more here orcontact your broker for more information on the benefits of Humana and HumanaVitality today.

    Humana Vitality 200

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