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September 27, 2016

Member company develops leadership excellence

Ellie FosterHave you ever been in a job where you just weren’t able to bring your A game? Or perhaps you’ve led an “A team” that didn’t deliver “A” worthy results. Chances are, the capability existed, but wasn’t fully utilized. Leadership Potential Consulting, led by author and executive coach Elise Foster, exists to enable organizations to solve this challenge, by transforming the way organizations and leaders make change.

As an engineer in a prior career, Foster was surrounded by experts who excelled at their chosen craft—whether another engineer, HR officer, or marketer—but there seemed to be few who successfully enabled others around them to grow and be brilliant themselves.  A few leaders encouraged intelligence and creativity in their employees, but others seemed to shut down the smarts of those around them, to the detriment of the company’s collective talent.  In this environment, Foster saw an opportunity and set out to learn how to ignite the latent potential within organizations. In 2011, she joined forces with Liz Wiseman, author of Multipliers, to research and teach leaders how to unlock capability. Subsequently, Foster, Allen and Wiseman authored The Multiplier Effect, bringing this powerful approach to educational leaders across the globe.

After seeing hundreds of leaders become effective Multipliers, but fall back into old patterns once they returned to the workplace, Foster enhanced her approach to enabling leadership behavior change, incorporating the research-based Immunity to Change (ITC) approach. This internationally acclaimed framework helps executives and teams overcome the difficulty of sustaining a change. In her workshops and coaching sessions, Foster helps people discover the key to unlocking potential in themselves and the organization, by uncovering and overturning the hidden barriers preventing them from making sustainable change. The combination of ITC and Multipliers creates a powerful synergy to develop good leaders into great leaders who can unleash the potential of others.

Leadership Potential Consulting has supported countless leaders with their journey to make lasting change and will soon be engaging the WE Lead Alumnae in this experience. This workshop, Making Change Stick, is aimed at helping Alumnae continue to make progress on development goals. In this session participants will move beyond informational learning and push through toward transformation. Alumnae will be introduced to an approach to change that helps them uncover the barriers that keep them stuck. They will become aware of the barriers preventing them from making an important and significant change in their life, as well as gain insight on making process to overturn these barriers.

Foster’s work enables leaders to develop the complexity of thinking required to enable their organizations to solve the tough challenges they face. Organizations live in a world of fleeting resources, yet face unrelenting demands. Leadership Potential Consulting works with their clients to face this challenge head-on.

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