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    September 03, 2013

    New Chamber member is voice behind business

    Live Reps Call CenterThere are times when even the best-run business is forced to reinvent itself. Live Reps Call Center originally was an outbound call center focused on generating leads for the mortgage industry. But with the collapse of the sub-prime market, they adapted into an inbound and outbound full service contact center. And they're glad they did. Today, after 10 years and 3 moves, Live Reps Call Center is flourishing.

    The company, now in a new location based at Lunken Airport, provides the technology and staffing associated with a 21st century call center. They provide product support to Procter & Gamble, handle real estate showings for several large realtors, schedule dinner reservations at a local restaurant and even coordinate emergency calls for the Metropolitan Sewer District.

    Live Rep Call Center partners
    L-R: Dan Listo, COO; Steve Wachs, CEO; Dan Labar ,CFO

    Live Reps Call Center joined the Chamber last month, and it was perfect timing considering the company's latest expansion. "Our new facility has capacity for 200 seats and we plan on utilizing every bit of this incredible space," said  Steve Wachs, CEO. "By outsourcing to Live Reps, our clients don't have to run two businesses. They save time and money by not worrying about: sick days, holidays, buying equipment, after hours coverage, phone outages, and constant retraining of employees," he added.

    By being a part of the Chamber, Live Reps Call Center hopes to partner with even more local businesses.  "We take calls throughout the world 24/7, but as we grow, it's important that we remain dedicated to hometown community. Cincinnati businesses should take advantage of our technology and staffing, and our ongoing commitment to the region," said Wachs.

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