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    August 07, 2012

    Chamber Gold Member wellness program controls health care cost

    Pulse Health SolutionsCompanies of all sizes have been struggling to control escalating health care costs. These increases have had an especially profound impact on small businesses. Early solutions "cost shifted" these expenses onto employees and consumers. However, employers are no longer able to shift these increased expenses. Change became necessary.

    Pulse Health Solutions offers companies the opportunity to lower their future increases in insurance (not cost shifting) and health care costs by targeting preventable chronic diseases, such as cardio-vascular and diabetes, while simultaneously improving the employee's health and well-being. Additionally, these wellness programs reduce health-related absenteeism and worker's compensation claims, improving company productivity and profitability.

    Chavez, Jose LuisPulse Health Solutions, a minority owned company, was founded by Dr. Jose Luis Chavez, a physician in Greater Cincinnati for over 30 years. As he watched employer healthcare costs climb to unbelievable heights, Dr. Chavez started Pulse Health Solutions to try and lower costs for companies while creating healthier, more productive employees.

    One such program has been saving companies an average of $834 per employee, per year and a 79% participation rate with no budget required. PHS guarantees results: if a Pulse Health Solutions program does not reduce a client company's incurred claims cost, the company does not pay for the program.

    For more information, contact Pulse Health Solutions at 513.278.7175 or

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